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Double Waterfalls Dunns River Falls and Blue Hole Falls  Falmouth Jamaica

Dunns River Falls and Blue Hole Waterfalls from Falmouth Jamaica for a private group for Falmouth excursions.

Blue Hole Waterfalls

blue hole waterfalls Falmouth Jamaica

The Blue Hole—AKA the Cool Blue Hole, Secret Falls, or The Island Gully—is a characteristic limestone sinkhole close to Ocho Rios. A profound natural hollow inside the tropical hills of Jamaica, the Blue Hole gets its name from the profound purplish-blue tint of the water. Voyagers visit to swim, precipice jump, and clear their path through the lavish mystic woods to Secret Falls.

When you see the waterfalls, you’ll have nothing at the forefront of your thoughts aside from yell and jump in. Presently, I’m a long way from being the most valiant soul out there. I don’t simply circumvent bouncing into pools of water without recognizing what’s in it. In any case, there is something in particular about how blue and clean this piece of the waterway is that makes it welcoming.

To get in, from the Waterfalls you have a couple of alternatives. You can bounce in from a point that is around 6 feet over the water, or for you athletic people, there’s a rope you can take hold of, and swing in like Tarzan. You can likewise descend by the stones on the off chance that you don’t want to hop yet I prescribe you plunge in. When your toes feel how chilly the water truly is, the remainder of your body will follow. Simply yell and get it over with, in you go.

At the point when you, at last, make it to the falls, you’ll see that the climb was well justified, despite all the trouble. On the off chance that the correct aides are there, they’ll put on an act, bouncing recklessly from places you’d likely never set out to. Have your camera prepared!


Dunns River Water Falls


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Waterfalls Falmouth Excursions


Dunn’s River Falls has an interesting history. It is said to be the area of the unbelievable clash of “Las Chorreras”. This fight was battled in the year, 1657 and occurred close to Dunn’s River Falls. It was between the English and the Spanish Expeditionary Force from Cuba. The fight was in actuality for responsibility for the island.

An Hour from Falmouth, Jamaica, one of Jamaica’s quickest developing port of call . Dunn’s River Falls is interesting. Portrayed as a living and developing wonder, it ceaselessly recovers itself from stores of travertine rock. The aftereffect of precipitation of calcium carbonate from the stream, as it streams over the falls. The little vault-formed waterfalls are normally connected with warm spring action found in limestone caverns. This, joined with its area close to the ocean, gives Dunn’s River cascades the qualification of being the just one of its sort in the Caribbean, if not the world.

Dunns River Falls FromFlmouth Port

Dunns River Park offers two trips; a wet ascension and a dry ascension. In the event that you are not a fanatic about getting wet, at that point, the dry ascension would be most appropriate for you. The wet ascension involves strolling inside the falls, and through the water, so a bathing suit or anything that will dry rapidly is appropriate for the trip. The dry ascension includes a mobile path close to the falls. The two paths are similarly fun, yet just the wet ascension will take you to the summit.

In the event that you need to plunge into the water while doing the dry move, there are a few foci along the way where you can without much of a stretch access the waterway, on the off chance that you wish. The cool water will wash over you as it falls down the fall, which is invigorating.

In spite of the fact that Dunns River Falls can’t be man-made, a portion of the porches joins man-made enhancements. A few little tidal ponds are mixed among the vertical segments of the falls, only for your unwinding and joy.


  • Blue Hole waterfalls
  • Dunn River Waterfalls
  • Jamaica Sightseeing Tour


  • Transportation
  • Dunns River Falls Adm
  • Blue Hole Falls Adm
  • Sightseeing
  • Water Shoes (Can be rented on site)
  • lunch/meals
  • photos /souvenirs


5 – 7 hours



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Private Custom Tours

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Falmouth Jamaica


What to bring to Dunn's River Falls?
Don't forget to pack a pair of anti-slip sneakers or water shoes. You'll definitely need them as you make your way up and down the falls. towels, camera, aqua if possible pocket money, hat sunscreen,
How long does it take to climb Dunn's River Falls?
How long does it take to climb Dunn's, River waterFalls? From the beach area to the top, with a guide, takes about 55-60 minutes depending on the guide, size of the group, and comfort level of the group with the climb. we would you make provision for 1 hour 15 minutes to totally complete this excursions activity
Can you rent water shoes at Dunns River Falls?
You can buy water shoes online which is cheaper and offer your own liking on color etc or you can rent/purchase a pair at the falls.
Do you have to climb Dunn's River Falls?
There is now much activity at the Park i=as the location is turning into a theme park climb Dunn's, River Falls. You can take a guided climb of the waterfall, hike a trail (Keep dry) alongside it or just recline and relax on the beach at the bottom.
Is the Blue Hole in Jamaica safe?
The blue is safe as you can expect however your frolic must be done with extreme care especially when you attempt to swing from rope and cliff dive you must do so under the supervision of the guides at hand .
Are there lockers at Dunns River Falls?
Certainly they do have storage spaces for rent There is just a couple hundred meters between the highest point of the falls and the beginning point, so it's anything but difficult to return to the storage spaces or the vehicle leave when you have wrapped up. suggest you get their initial in the event that you can before the groups show up from tours or, far and away superior, go on a non-cruise ship day
How deep is the Blue Hole in Jamaica?
the 20-feet deep pool of Blue Hole
Can you swim in the Blue Hole?
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