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Falmouth Watersports Cruise Excursions

We at Falmouth Jamaica offer WaterSports and Tours and Excursions in Falmouth Jamaica at the best costs with the best guides and watersport hardware and offer you the best value to ensure the majority of our watersports activities in Falmouth, and taking an interesting journey. Look at the fun and frolic of utilizing Falmouth Jamaica Water Sports with us as your favored supplier for Cruise voyage shore Excursions in Falmouth , Jamaica!

Water Sports activities in Falmouth cruise port Jamaica cruise shore excursions. it can be fun a frolic among the things to do in Falmouth.

Enjoy water sporting thrill on your Western Caribbean cruise on the tropical island of Jamaica. Scuba diving, fly high on your Parasailing tour, experience  “under da sea” with a private reef snorkeling trip,  beach activities beach break.

Adventure Water sporting

You can take your water sporting to the adventure level with River Boarding, White Water Rafting, Waterfalls Hiking beach hopping.

We also offer exclusive Water sports for groups and families who want to jet off away from the crowds aqua sports at the best attractions and water parks that Falmouth has to offer.

Our shore excursions for cruise ship clients are geared to offer more than just a tour but you will be sure to have an experience

Falmouth Jamaica Beach watersports Options:

Single Options :

  • Speed Tubing
  • Parasailing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Water Skiing
  • Reef Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Fly Boarding
  • Snuba Snorkel Diving
  • Kitesurfing Lessons

Double Watersports Package Shore Excursions:

  1. Tubing + Parasailing Watersports (Kids Fav)
  2. Tubing + Wakeboarding Watersports
  3. Tubing + Waterskiing Watersports
  4. Tubing + Snorkeling Watersports
  5. Parasail + WakeBoarding Watersports
  6. Parasailing + Waterskiing Watersports
  7. Parasail + Snorkeling Watersports (Kids Fav)
  8. Wakeboarding + Waterskiing
  9. WakeBoarding +  Reef Snorkeling
  10. Scuba Diving + Parasail
  11. Flyboarding + Parasail Watersports
  12. Snuba Snorkel Plus Parasail (Kids Fav)
  13. Snuba Snorkel + Speed Tubing (Kids Fav)


Tripple Thrill Watersports Combo Package

  1. Parsail+Speed Tubing + Wakeboarding
  2. Parasail + Snorkel + Speed Tubing (Kids Fav)
  3. Parasail + Waterskiing + Snorkeling
  4. Waterskiing +Speed Tubing + Wakeboarding
  5. Snuba Snorkel + Speed Tubing + WakeBoarding
  6. Waterskiing + Parasailing + FlyBoarding
  7. FlyBoarding + Wakeboarding + Parasailing


Magnificient 4 Watersports Combo Pack:

  • Parasail + Flyboarding + Wakeboarding + Speed Tubing.


Customized Packages can be accommodated with advance reservations and Contact Us for these.

All Watersports activities are within 30 mins of Cruise Port. let us make your Falmouth Cruise Shore Excursions Choice in activities a Fun Day.

We recommend that for watersports activities that require balance and dexterity e.g Wakeboarding, FlyBoarding, that participants refrain from consuming alcohol at least 4 hours before the time of activity this is to allow for your safety and so you can fully enjoy the Water sports activity.