Fort Lauderdale

Discover the best things to do in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. From outdoor activities to cultural attractions, find fun activities and attractions for the whole family.

1. Outdoor Activities in Fort Lauderdale
2. Cultural Attractions in Fort Lauderdale
3. Shopping & Dining in Fort Lauderdale
4. Nightlife & Entertainment in Fort Lauderdale
5. Family-Friendly Activities in Fort Lauderdale

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Grand Cayman C I

Grand Cayman Island has a number of natural attractions: the blow holes in the East End district, the Mastic Trail that runs north to south through the center of the island, Hell in the West Bay, and the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

Watersports such as scuba diving and snorkeling are popular activities on Grand Cayman as the island is known for its coral reefs and underwater sea walls along with a number of shipwrecks.

Because of its clubs, resorts, and hotels, Seven Mile Beach has the largest concentration of visitors and tourists on the island.

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Cozumel Mexico

The island is located in the Caribbean Sea along the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula about 82 km (51 mi) south of Cancún and 19 km (12 mi) from the mainland. The island is about 48 km (30 mi) long and 16 km (9.9 mi) wide. With a total area of 477.961 km2 (184.542 sq mi), it is Mexico’s largest Caribbean island, largest permanently inhabited island, and Mexico’s third-largest island, following Tiburón Island and Isla Ángel de la Guarda.

The majority of the island’s population lives in the town of San Miguel (pop. 77,236 in 2010),[5] which is on the island’s western shore. The municipality, which includes two small areas on the mainland enclaved within the Municipality of Solidaridad with a land area of 10.423 km2 (4.024 sq mi), has a total land area of 647.33 km2 (249.93 sq mi).[6]

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Falmouth Jamaica

Falmouth Jamaica Historic Port of Falmouth Jamaica,

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Transportation For Hire Falmouth Transport

Transportation For Hire Falmouth Jamaica Cruise Port Historic Falmouth Port offers Culture, frolic, beaches, water activities sightseeing Culinary, experience for your Private Groups and Families. Book Private Vans 7, 14, 22, 30, 50 seaters in Falmouth Jamaica. Explore the port of Falmouth Jamaica on your own unique plans to avoid large groups of disagreeable persons and chart your own path and timing. Private Custom Tours Attractions , activities beaches, we will get you there. Guaranteed return to ship on time.

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